Furman apartments

The Furman apartments are named after the historically famous carriers of various
goods - furmans, who liked to gather in this exact house, 100 years ago. According to the
guests, we are distinguished by a warm welcome, and exceptional cleanliness. We are pet friendly.

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The location is not to be overlooked, as the Furman apartments are located in the immediate
vicinity of the railway line and Rakek station, so you can take a train trip to Postojna, Ljubljana,
Apartments are also located near the greatest natural and historical beauties of Slovenia such as Lake Cerknica, Križna cave, Postojna cave, Predjama castle and Rakov Škocjan.

Furman apartments is the perfect choice for families, couples and individual travellers who want to relax or
explore in the embrace of the unspoilt nature of Notranjska. We are pet friendly.

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